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Soccer Hall of Fame Nominations :

The Soccer Hall of Fame of British Columbia (SHOFBC) recognizes and honours excellence by British Columbians in soccer, whose example has brought great credit to our sport and province. 

Nominations Procedure

The Selection Panel of the Soccer Hall of Fame of BC very much welcomes nominations for induction into the Hall. Nominations will be accepted at any time of the year from any person or organization by completing the Nominations Form.

Nominations will be evaluated annually, after the annual deadline on August 1st. Induction will occur at the BC Soccer Awards Ceremony in November.

Inductee Qualifications and Classifications

Members of the Soccer Hall of Fame of BC are in six classifications:

  • 1: Players
  • 2: Coaches
  • 3: Referees
  • 4: Builders
  • 5: Teams of Distinction
  • 6: Organizations of Distinction
All inductees must be British Columbians who:
  • Have excelled in soccer,
  • Have brought great credit to the sport, and
  • Are respected by the soccer community in BC.
Their achievements must be noteworthy on a “best in class” basis.
  • Players must have played the game with excellence at the professional, youth or adult amateur level for a minimum of 10 years.
  • Builders, Coaches and Referees must have served soccer with distinction over an extended period for a minimum of 10 years in their role.
  • The Teams of Distinction award recognises soccer teams that accomplish significant feats in our sport at the international, national or provincial level. The teams can be a British Columbian club or provincial team, or a Canadian national team that includes at least one-third British Columbian players.
  • The Organisation of Distinction award recognises British Columbian soccer clubs and organisations that have made a positive impact on the game at the national, provincial or community level for a minimum of 50 years.

For the purposes of the Soccer Hall of Fame of British Columbia, an individual is considered a British Columbian if they have been born in BC, been raised in BC or have become a permanent full-time resident of BC, AND have been a participant in the soccer community in the province for at least five years, as a youth and/or adult.

Those moving to BC must have been a full-time BC resident during at least some of the time of their achievements for which their award is bestowed.

Induction Recognition and Ceremonies

Recognition of Inductees will include:
A Certificate of Hall of Fame Membership; invitation for the Inductee and guest to the BC Soccer Awards Ceremony where inductees will be honoured when many of the primary leaders of soccer in BC are assembled; and inclusion in Hall of Fame communication and web-site.

  • Nominees for an individual are eligible for consideration five years after their retirement from the calibre of play/involvement for which they are being honoured.
  • Membership in the Hall will only be awarded to recognize truly outstanding achievement, to denote true “best in class”. New nominations will be reviewed relative to other people/bodies in the soccer community to ensure their achievements are comparable to others in the Hall of Fame and more noteworthy than others involved in soccer. There is not a fixed number of inductees each year, but it will be limited. The number of inductees may initially be higher due to “catch-up” considerations.
  • The Selection Committee will seek nominations widely, may make nominations itself (before or during its consideration of new inductees), and solicit further information from nominees as required. The Committee is appointed by BC Soccer from the community based on knowledge of the history of soccer in the province and its players and reflect the diversity of soccer in BC. The Committee will function independently of the BC Soccer Board.
  • The Hall of Fame recognizes achievements by all in soccer in BC, not limited to BC Soccer registrants.
  • In the event of a living nominee, the person or organization must agree to be nominated.
  • The Hall recognizes achievements over extended periods of time, typically at least ten years. As such its role is different from and complements BC Soccer’s Annual Awards, which mostly recognize annual achievements.
  • The Soccer Hall of Fame of British Columbia operates in concert with the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame. Membership of the national Canada Soccer Hall of Fame gives automatic, immediate membership of the provincial soccer Hall of Fame to British Columbians.
  • Very occasionally the Selection Committee can waive or reduce these requirements in the event of achievements at the international level, illness or death of a nominee. Also in rare circumstances, a member could be removed from the hall for bringing the game into disrepute.
  • Selection decisions of the Selection Committee will not be subject to appeal, but unsuccessful nominations will be carried over for at least three years, and can be resubmitted for further consideration.
  • Note: Canada Soccer notes that individual members of Teams or Organizations of Distinction are not considered members of the Hall of Fame as individuals, a convention BC will follow.

Submit a Hall of Fame Nomination :

If you would like to submit your BC Soccer Hall of Fame nomination today then please click this link to follow our digital nominations procedure. All nominations will be considered by our research team and panel at British Columbia Soccer Association...

List of Members of Soccer Hall of Fame in British Columbia:

June 2021 

These 114 inductees include the inaugural 2019 class of British Columbian members of the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame and British Columbia's own inductees since then. Among players born since 1960, there are eleven male players and twelve female players.

Frank Ambler Ernie Edmunds Normie McLeod Bobby Smith
George Anderson Neil Ellett Wes McLeod Jimmy Spencer
Garry Ayre Terry Felix Colin Miller Gary Stevens
Eddie Bak Bill Findler Dale Mitchell Gogie Stewart
Jim Blundell Craig Forrest Domenic Mobilio Dickie Stobbart
Bob Bolitho Doug Greig Suzanne Muir David Stothard
Ian Bridge Trevor Harvey Andrea Neil Mike Sweeney
Silvana Burtini Gerela Wendy Hawthorne Bobby Newbold Brittany Timko Baxter
Roy Cairns Randee Hermus Pat Onstad Dave Turner
John Catliff Art Hughes George Pakos Carl Valentine
Tony Chursky Gordon Ion Les (Buzz) Parsons Gino Vazzoler
Carlo Corazzin Glen Johnson Ken Pears Mark Watson
Jock Coulter Victor Kodelja Brian Philley Jack Whent
Jack Cowan Karina LeBlanc Pat Philley Fred Whittaker
Errol Crossan Sam Lenarduzzi Randy Ragan Bruce Wilson
Nick Dasovic Bob Lenarduzzi Michelle Ring Passant Frank Yallop
Tracy David Harry Manson Brian Robinson Sergio Zanatta
Paul Dolan Don Matheson
Cathy Ross  
Geraldine Donnelly Joan McEachern Randy Samuel  


Jimmie Adam Harry Christie Don Petrie

Chris Bennett

Joe Csabai

Bruce Twamley
John Buchanan Shelley Howieson Tony Waiters


Robert Allen Dante Maglio

Werner Winsemann

Dan Kulai Bob Sawtell


Robert Adam

Alex Hylan John Richardson

Herb Capozzi

John Russell Bill Stirling

Jeff Cross

Aubrey Sanford Les Wilson

Dave Fryatt

Lou Moro  
Cliff Avenue United FC

St. Andrews FC

Columbus FC

Vancouver Firefighters FC

Nanaimo United FC

Victoria West FC

1928 Westminster Royals

1989 Canada Men's Francophone Games Team

1957 BC All-Stars vs Tottenham Hotspur

1995 Canada Women's World Cup Team

1979 Vancouver Whitecaps

2000 Canada Men's Concacaf Gold Cup

1984 Canada Men's Olympic Team

2004-2014 Surrey United Premier Women

1986 Canada Men's World Cup Team