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BC Soccer set up and covers the costs of the Hall of Fame and Heritage Archive, which is managed by volunteers.

In 2016 two past Board members began sorting 450 boxes of documents BC Soccer had in long-term storage. From this they found over 500 documents of valuable history, which formed the basis of the BC Soccer Heritage Archive. This has since grown substantially through many community donations. In 2019 BC Soccer instituted the Soccer Hall of Fame of BC. In the same year, the Archive received a grant from Library and Archives Canada enabling all archive material to be digitized and made available to all online. Since 2020, BC Soccer has covered all costs. Past-President Roger Barnes and Past-Vice-President Rob Brown continue to manage the Hall of Fame and Heritage Archive for BC Soccer.

Absolutely. Yes, Yes, Yes.

While community contributions have dramatically grown the collection of documents and photographs in the Heritage Archive, there are still many gaps. It is estimated we have about one-third of key documents for the last 50 years and fewer pieces from before 1970. So we are very much looking for any soccer documents and photos from any time period: programs, reports, magazines, guidebooks, club or personal histories and of course soccer photographs. With the museum to be included in the new BC Soccer building, we are now also seeking physical memorabilia – soccer equipment (shirts, uniforms boots, balls), trophies, awards, certificates, medals, pins, badges, whistles, etc. to extend the historical collection and to display in the Museum. Please contact us via

At the moment there is a not a physical Soccer Hall of Fame of BC. But there soon will be!

BC Soccer is actively working with the City of Port Coquitlam to build a new soccer facility in Gates Park. With the recent announcement of funding from the Government of BC, the project is planned to start construction in 2022. When finished this will include a Hall of Fame and Museum in the new soccer building, with information on Hall of Fame members and a museum with notable soccer memorabilia telling the story of the sport in BC. If you have memorabilia you could donate, we would very much like to build the collection of memorabilia for the Museum. Please contact us via

All soccer in BC.

While organized soccer in BC under BC Soccer, Canada Soccer and FIFA governance forms the largest part of the sport, the Heritage Archive is designed to record and showcase all aspects of soccer. In addition to community club soccer, professional soccer, school and college/varsity sport, the Archive actively seeks and features photographs, documents and stories of independent leagues and teams from the 1890s to the present day.

Members of the Hall of Fame are selected annually; the Roll of Honour is a broader list of honourees of other soccer/sports organizations.

The Soccer Hall of Fame of BC recognizes 125+ of BC’s most outstanding soccer players, coaches, referees, builders and teams and organizations of distinction. The first inductees to the Hall of Fame in 2019 were BC’s members in the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame. Since 2020, BC has inducted its own members. Nominations can be made on the Hall of Fame and Heritage Archive web-site. Inductees are chosen once a year by the Selection Panel. Nominations close on August 1st each year, new inductees being announced in November.

The BC Roll of Honour recognizes a broader range of over 1,100 notable individuals, teams and organizations from across BC that have: received BC Soccer Awards or Canada Soccer Awards; been inducted into national, provincial or local community Halls of Fame; played for Canada’s senior national teams; been FIFA list referees; been BC Soccer leaders; or been a team or club which has won adult BC or Canadian open amateur club championship titles. Nominations cannot be made for the Roll of Honour – inclusion is based only through recognition by one of these other bodies. If there is someone you feel is worthy of recognition for their contribution, you may wish to contact BC Soccer about their annual awards or your local community Sports Hall of Fame, of which there are about 25 in BC.

Further research into soccer in BC can be done on this site and on other sites

One good source to check is the “Histories and Stories” section of the Heritage Archive web-site where you will find the research histories we have published ourselves and the written histories of many clubs, soccer personalities and others. For further original research, the Archive is arranged in three sections: Documents, Photographs and Histories/Stories. All documents are fully searchable - you can search each section by key-word to find any document with a given name or other word in it. Each of these three sections is then divided into sub-groups (e.g., eight sub-groups for documents), and then “sub-sub-groups” within each of those. So searches can be broad or very specific. Similarly, the Hall of Fame and Roll of Honour can be searched by members’ home towns. When we are researching topics, we find to be an invaluable research tool, as until the 1970s newspapers provided extensive coverage of local and amateur sport. Canada Soccer publishes regular updated records of national team games and players and other histories. Historical photographs can also be found in many local museums and archives in BC, available on-line or in-person.

For sure, we will try to help

Often we are able to help by researching specific topics, subject to our time availability. For example, we have been able to help people who found a photo or medal won by a grandparent to find the details of their teams, or a club to find information on its early days. Feel welcome to ask us via

Contact our Heritage Archive volunteers at

We know there is much missing on the site (this is a ‘work-in-progress’) and wish to complete this information and correct any errors. For example, we are in the process of writing biographies of 1,100 people, clubs and teams on the Roll of Honour – 450 have been completed so far. We depend on the community letting us know so we can improve the biographical information and histories we have prepared. If you’d like to chat about something in the Heritage Archive, we welcome the opportunity to discuss soccer history. We will get back to you by email or phone.

Please Check Copyright. Permission to Reuse may be required

Generally, copyright is owned by who commissioned and/or produced the document or photo. Much of the content in the Heritage Archive is produced by BC Soccer or its members and clubs, or has been donated to the Archive (such as the 1,000+ photos by Joe di Tosto donated by his family). Some of the photos in the Heritage Archive have been sourced from other archives. On each of these there is a note which indicates the source archive.

Permission to use any material from another archive or publisher must be requested from that body. For BC Soccer material in the Archive, you are welcome to download and reuse documents and photos as long as long it is for personal, private, non-commercial use. You are welcome to download and use material you want to include in a publication as long as it is non-commercial, i.e., is provided totally free to users. Please credit “BC Soccer Heritage Archive”. For any commercial use, prior permission must be requested from Please note, use is “commercial” if you are receiving ANY payment, e.g., selling a publication or charging a subscription or charging for access. Such use is “commercial” even if you are a non-profit body or only covering costs and prior permission must be requested. If in doubt on any usage, please contact us.

This can be provided, but it may not be better

Original paper copies of all Heritage Archive documents are kept. They are in long-term storage and they can be accessed with a delay. However, the original in the Archive likely adds nothing to the on-line version. The on-line copies of documents are full copy scans. All graphic and text content of the document is digitized at 300 dpi and shows on the scan available on-line.  Similarly, the original copies of all photographs are kept. Photos have been digitized at a high resolution of 600 dpi. If you would like access to originals, please contact

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